About Us

Kingsman offers a bespoke Estate Agency service to those seeking a more personable experience when buying or selling a property. We deliberately keep our available stock levels low to ensure we can deliver a ‘high level’ service to you, unlikely to be provided by a conventional ‘High Street’ or increasing number of low cost ‘Online’ agents.

How are we different?

We are always working – often when you’re not, which means we will happily receive and respond to calls well beyond the normal 9 to 5, Monday to Saturday slots offered by your standard agents.

We are able to keep our fees highly competitive by avoiding High Street premises which in our opinion are no longer necessary to provide a full level service. We are however able to maintain a High Street presence by displaying properties in coffee shop / hairdresser windows throughout the region, which in our opinion achieve a greater level of foot flow on a daily basis than any high street agent.

Equally, we no longer see the benefit of page after page of properties in the paper, the internet is perfectly placed for buyers to peruse properties suitable to their price range, location and style rather than the pot luck of the papers – which also tend to be very hit and miss with distribution. We do however place insertions into Lifestyle magazines which get a far more regional coverage and offer a greater print quality.

Finally, we have the experience to deal with properties at any end of the pricing scale and not only provide the most suitable method of sale to do so, but deliver our service in a manner which aims to compliment our clients’ ambitions through transparent and ‘jargon free’ communication.


David Savigar, Founder 
David began his Estate Agency career as a trainee working in the Corporate sector at the age of 18 and advancing over time to a board member of a large independent agency. He has a wealth of experience in all disciplines of estate agency, dealing with properties at all price levels and as a recognised property Auctioneer, there’s little he hasn’t seen.
“I love Estate Agency – meeting people from different walks of life, sharing in some of their stories and visiting some wonderful homes. I’ve never thought of it as a job – it’s a lifestyle, one that I’m absolutely passionate about. The launch of Kingsman has enabled me to create an environment to offer a Bespoke, Personal Estate Agency service and I’m proud to have the support of a team with the same vision as my own.”
Gemma L Savigar – Director
Gemma offers invaluable experience to Kingsman from her extensive background in the Banking sector. From 18 years of age Gemma worked for Cheltenham & Gloucester then transferred to their Lloyds TSB Division where she advanced to a Senior Mortgage Advisor and Bank Manager.
Three years ago she took a break from the industry and went on Maternity leave. Whilst she assists with the day to day enquires, office accounting, general admin and diary management of the Team she plans to re-establish her financial skillset next year but will remain an integral part of Kingsman.
Sarah J Stokes – Senior Contract Chaser
Sarah is as accomplished in negotiating and sales chasing as they come. In her extensive time in Estate Agency she has won numerous corporate awards for customer service and excellence.
She provides a great platform for us to ensure our fall through rate remains exceptionally low added to the fact she has moved on numerous occasions so can empathize with how frustrating the process can sometimes be.